Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Kembara balkan :montenegro

rooftop view in old town of Kotor 

Old model Mercedes arrived around 8 am. We are ready to Montenegro .
The guide name is Bobo, he  fluent in English and Spanish . Fortunately we met a couple from Brazil shared the same  car with us, so that we can divided the cost for full day tour to Montenegro with 4 person !


Bobo told us story about history of Yugoslavia(now ex-yugoslavia) ,war after war until the latest sivil war of Bosnia in1993 .Too many war he told us.
"We are o.k with muslim or with serb, in every religion there have good and bad people "
Good...and he continue with "both of you I know very good muslim unlike some in Afghanistan" duh... seriously bobo?

For me, the Bosnian war isn't much about religion it's about territory of land and power . But because of my religion or muslim become  victim I felt sad !
Traveled to the land of Yugoslavia after separated by 5 different country ,we change at least 3 different currencies ,from Malaysia Ringgit to euro ,then from euro to Kuna and Mark. After that from Euro to Turkish lira .

the city of budva

the city of budva
Montenegro currency is Euro, we are having very good time there , especially in town of "Kotor " and "budva" . I love to walked around in old city of Kotor , we hiked up to the hill for photographs our self with panorama of rooftops, played with cat , explored the  old building and bough some souvenir.

The Brazilian couple share a lot of thing with us ,from religion ,political view, traveling experience ,and they asked us about our practicing in Islam ,why we covered our hair with headscarf , arrange married ,alcohol and etc... there's a lot of question actually, but their curiosity make me happy to share ,and the peak moment when their asked about Malaysian missing flight MH370 to Beijing ,the sad incident still in mystery ,we don't have any idea where's the flight was and finally  their challenge us to travel to 60 country before we reach 50 years old.Easy ...very easy!

cat in old town kotor , we hiked up to hill just to photograph our self with rooftop view

cat again!

Entrance of old town Kotor with post-World War II sign "What belongs to others we don't want, what is ours we will never surrender."(from wiki)

We comeback to Dubrovnik at  late evening , I don't dinner because my stomach already full with delicious seafood meal in Budva ,the best seafood I ever tasted in Balkan. Tomorrow we will going to Mostar Bosnia.

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